What’s new

v0.2 (2021-03-06)

  • document the proper release methods (PR20)

  • support nested accessors (PR22)

  • drop support for sphinx<3.2 (PR25)

v0.1.2 (2020-08-08)

  • declare the extension as parallel read safe (PR19)

v0.1.1 (2020-08-08)

  • fix autosummary blocks without a template option (PR16)

  • fix create_documenter on sphinx<3.2 (PR17)

  • add a documention url to the package description on PyPI (PR18)

v0.1 (2020-08-07)

  • import the templates and autodoc documenters from pandas (PR1)

  • fix the broken callable accessor (GH7, PR6, PR8, PR10)